Toboe LoneWolf (toboe_lonewolf) wrote in little_details,
Toboe LoneWolf

Bridal Carry Usefulness

When would a "Bridal Carry" be used over other methods for carrying a person?

That is, when would it be preferred in a rescue situation to carry someone using a Bridal Carry (warning TVtropes) a la princess style over other methods like the Fireman's carry or Over the shoulder carry? (Tvtropes warning)

I can find some stuff on why Bridal Carry is a bad idea, although nothing that is actually authoritative. I also can't find any information on whether Bridal Carry can be actually useful in any situation (other than for romantic overtones). I did find this bit via Google cache but the method describes...more of a caveman/over the shoulder carry, I think, instead of the traditional Bridal Carry.

Search terms: "Bridal carry", "Princess carry", "Bridal Carry use", "Bridal Carry rescue"
Tags: #nocategory

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