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General Questions: Modern day Boston setting/Highschool

I'm writing a story about a high school student in Boston, and I just had a few general questions about Boston and going to school there.

In Boston, are the high schools like middle school, then high school (grades 9-12) or junior high then high school (grades 10-12)?

I want to set it at a real life school. The main character is going to transfer there in 10th grade. I want it to be mostly a normal school with lots of different ethnicities and lots of extra curriculars. Her guardians would have researched it, so it should have a good reputation. I'd also like it to be kind of in downtown Boston or at least within walking distance of public transit. Any suggestions? Once I get a name, I can Google it.

Speaking of public transit, Google tells me there is Subway and buses. Does everyone take the subway? is it as popular as the subway systems of DC and NYC? Also is it considered safe for like teenagers to take it on their own?

Would it be feasible for kids in Boston to take field trips to Salem? What is the view on the witches and the Salem Witch trials? (One of my characters is going to be a practicing witch.)

I know there is a heavy Irish presence, and also Italian. Is there any strong Greek presence in Boston? My main character has Greek roots she's trying to avoid. But if there were a Greek presence it would make sense for ehr guardians to allow her to be there.

And finally, is there any general Boston slang or restaurants I should know or anything I should include to make it seem like I know Boston?
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