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Worlds & Weathers [ANSWERED]

Setting: Character gets put into an escape pod and sent somewhere (she doesn't know the location). She lands on a planet where it's frigid and icy and there's sand like a desert everywhere. There's no snow. I suppose there's not enough moisture in the atmosphere to be snow?

Question(s): 1) is it even possible to be below freezing but not even snow?

                         2) is it possible for a place to be extremely cold, icy but the terrain is sandy like a desert?

Granted I know that since I'm writing a sci-fiction novel I could probably just make it so our scientific knowledge is irrelevant or not as advanced but the character is from earth (in this time 2010-2011) so she would compare her knowledge of what her science/her earth can do or can't do. Soooo uhhh. Yeah. Help? :;

Edit/Thanks: Wow I leave this to see what ya'll come up with and I get an entire discussion! Wow. In any case, I know that both of my questions are plausible. And I even got some extra tidbits in extension to my questions! So thank you all for you help and for your input! This is all very helpful and I shall use this as footing to continue to research these subjects, and the things you have directed me to take a look at!

Thank you very, very much! You'll probably see me again though! XD


Does anyone know where I can find a site where the laws of physics are simplified? I'm short on money so buying books is not an option. :(

Also an article that says otherwise about the consistency of the laws of physics throughout the universe~
Tags: ~climate/weather, ~science: astronomy, ~science: geology

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