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Homosexuality in Britain (5th/6th century AC): Celts, Saxons, Picts and Scots

I usually write a lot of arthurian stories but this time I'd love to document well myself about homosexuality and arthurian times.
The story is in 5th/6th century and the societies/cultures in the stories are: Celts, Picts, Scots, Saxons and Celts conquered by Romans. And, of course, one of the male characters is in love with another male character.
I know how homosexuality was viewd by Romans but I can't find useful sites about how was viewd homosexuality by Celts (before the Roman conquests), Picts, Scots, Wales traditions and Saxons.

On google I looked for: 'Sodomy in middle ages', 'medieval homosexuality', 'homosexuality celts', 'homosexuality saxons' and similar words.
And I've read the History of homosexuality page on Wikipedia and The Experience of Homosexuality in the Middle Ages on along with a little article about the story of homosexuality in Europe.

About the Celts I only found out in a site that : "For the Celts, homosexuality between females is regarded as normal and usually even expected. Homosexuality between males is looked upon with slight disapproval, although others would be not be bothered so much as to really say anything out loud."

I also find an interesting artcile about Homosexuality in Anglo-Saxon Contries but it was all about modern times.

I read this page of wikipedia but what I wonder is if Britain would likely accept/receive this Christian laws about homosexuality in the Eastern European Church.

I am actually interested about all the story of homosexuality in Great Britan in general.
(Sorry for my awful English, it is not my first language).
Tags: 400s, 600s, uk: history: middle ages, uk: scotland: history, ~homosexuality: history, ~middle ages

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