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[ANON POST] Prostitution in a semi-matriarchy

I'm developing a fantasy nation where the family structure is heavily based on the Mosuo people of China. Lineage and family life focus around the women, marriage as we know it doesn't really exist (it's more like serial monogamy), kids are raised by their mother, aunts, and uncles, and the father plays only a small role in their lives. However, my nation has a few differences: There's a reliable birth-control drug around which plays a central role in my nation's economy and culture, and my nation is on a much larger scale than the Mosuo.

I'm having trouble figuring out how prostitution would develop in a large nation like that, my research has not turned up anything useful in that department, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or useful references?

Would there be prostitution FOR women in this society? What would that be like (I'm almost picturing male and maybe female bath attendants who double as sex workers)? I'm sure that prostitution for men would still exist, but how would it be different? How would the prostitutes themselves be viewed?

- Googled: Mosuo prostitution, matriarchy prostitution, history of prostitution, sacred prostitution, prostitution for women

- Found several extremely useful articles and a research paper about the Mosuo, and matrilineal societies in general
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