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Native Americans and Homosexuality

I was wondering if anyone knew the views of the Cherokee and Blackfoot Native American tribes on homosexuality, in the later half of the 19th century (A.K.A. The Wild West)? More specifically, how did the Europeans affect Native American's veiws on the subject at that time? When Homosexuality was discovered, was it abhorred, or was it welcomed?

I know all about the 'Third-Gender' Two-spirits, and I know that is not what I am looking for. Two-spirits were 'Third-Gender' not homosexual. The word Transgender might be used to describe it, but that would not be very correct. I want to know what views the white-man had imposed on their views of outright M/M relationships.

Additionally, could anyone tell me what said tribes views on inter-tribal marriage, for non-political/non-clan joining marriages were?

I've visited these sites:




And while all give plenty of info on Two-spirits, I'm having a lot of trouble finding anything on actual homosexuality.

Tags: 1800s (no decades given), usa: history (misc), ~homosexuality: history, ~native americans
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