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Military hospital life in the colonies early 1800's

My MC is an (admittedly important) Assistant Staff Surgeon out in the Cape of Good Hope in 1817 and I'm finding it horrifically difficult to find out what his day to day routine would be like. I know that he had a fair amount of his time taken up with dealing with diseases such as typhoid as well as looking after the general populous, but I'm looking for more details then that- a day in the life example would probably make me throw up with excitement at this point, though I'd happily settle for an outline that is less rough then 'he tackled cholera in 1819'.

Search terms used: cape colony hospital, cape colony military hospital, hospital 1800 cape colony, surgeon life 1800 colony, (I will concede that I am terrible at googling)


Additionally, just to double check- despite having his doctorate, MC wouldn't be referred to as 'Dr.', would he? It'd just be 'mister'? I know that modern military parlance would dictate that a doctor be called by his rank formally and 'doctor' informally, but would the same fly for a surgeon in this situation? I thought that I knew for definite that he'd be called 'Mr.' having talked to a few people, but every single biography of the fellow I'm writing has referred to him as Doctor.

Thank you!
Tags: 1810-1819, south africa: history, ~medicine: historical

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