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IED Device circa 1840?

I wanted to use an IED (Improved Explosive Device) circa 1840, but the earliest references I can find to them is around World War One, but much more after World War Two.    The character is from the present day, and the setting is a European kingdom where the timeline sort of swings around but tends to settle around 1840 or so.  What would he improvise, using what materials?

I've google IED, 18th century 1ED, 19th century IED.  I went on and asked "How do you make an IED?  19th  c. IED What did they use for bombs in the 1800s?"  Too many of the chemicals and devices used were present day.

ETA:  The device would have to be thrown, or hurled, but not by anything as large as a catapult.  Like a Molotov cocktail.

ETA Part Two:  THANK YOU, EVERYBODY!  I so appreciate the intelligence and perspicacity I find in this community.  The [awesome answers] tag seems to have disappeared.
Tags: 1840-1849, ~explosive & explosions, ~history (misc)

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