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Trauma/Continuous case resulting from a crash

First post from a lurker :) Hello!

Setting: Present day, USA.

Summary: Three very different doctors in a hospital are brought together by a tough, complicated case that requires they all work together frequently.

A one year old child is brought in suffering from multiple trauma injuries after a devastating car crash that has left her her father, brother and grandparents dead - the only survivors are her and her stepmother.
The three surgeons/doctors excel in what they do. One specialises in Orthopaedics, one in Neurosurgeon and one in Paediatrics, however they find it difficult to listen to each other and work together.

What kind of injuries would the child need to sustain to bring them together to work on her? Clearly a head injury combined with broken bones, but I can't find anything specifically and all a search has hinted towards is some sort of spinal injury.

I also need there to be a ongoing problem with her that means she'll be kept in hospital while they come up with a solution to whatever the problem is, i.e., brain and spine issues, or anything that the three of them will be involved with. The step mother knows nothing about medicine so needs it explained in the simplest way possible. I can do the research myself, I don't mind that, but i'm not very good with technical/medical jargon which is why I need someone to tell me what the injuries could be and what after effects they'll have to cause a long term difficulty for the child.

I hope this makes sense, thanks!
Tags: ~car accidents, ~medicine: injuries to order

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