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Possible Reoccurence of Malaria and an EMT's response

Hey all, this is my first time asking a question like this, so if I didn't provide enough information- please tell me.

Here's an overview of the plot which could possibly be subject to change.

The protagonist, who has had malaria when he was a child, suddenly collapses on a camping trip after strenuous excises and pulling an all nighter at his job. He had an headache and general not-feeling-too-well all day. He doesn't think it's malaria because either he thinks its been too long or for what ever reason he forgot or it just never occurred to him(you see that I am really decisive here). His friends think its just all the stress he's been under lately. However, when the symptoms quickly worsen(fever, rigor, delirium, vomiting- ew) his friends eventually figure it out after about a day or so and eventually get him to the hospital. I'm thinking it'll take them a while to figure it out since the setting will take place in Canada in the dead of winter(and he hasn't traveled to a malaria endemic country in years). I'm thinking could he possibly have contacted it as a kid, but no symptoms show until 5-10 years later?

On to the questions!
(sorry if they sound dumb...)

Is it possible that the parasite could lay dormant in his liver for over 5 years without any symptoms? I couldn't find anything specific about how many years it could possibly last. I only found sites claiming that it could lay dormant for a couple of months.

Exactly how bad are malaria chills? Are they like normal fever chills or worse? Could they be mistaken for seizures? I need something dramatic. xD

How long would it take to have shortness of breath set in after initial symptoms? And could it possibly go away at the end of the first attack?

And... say he was unable to acquire medical treatment for about two days because of a blizzard. Is he in danger of dying within that period? I'd like him to last two days before he can get to a hospital, but if I need to get him there sooner it would be fine.

Also, a question that may or may not be really that important, but, for curiosity's sake, I'll ask. If an EMT was able to help him(but not get him to the hospital and doesn't know that he has malaria) based on the symptoms shown(general flu like feeling, very high fever, with said rigor and delirium) and the fact that they can't get any outside help for an indefinite amount of time. What would the paramedic do?

I've googled: malaria symptoms, malaria stories, I survived malaria, malaria duration in liver. That's all I can remember, but I've been searching for a couple of weeks on and off.

Like I said before, If something isn't clear or if there isn't enough information, I can provide more. ^^

Any additional information on the subject will be greatly appreciated! :)
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