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Buildings in Modern Day Bath

Setting: Modern Day UK--all over, but my questions specifically have to do with Bath
Searches: "Abandoned buildings in Bath", "Derelict buildings in Bath", "Hampton Row Bath, UK", "Temples and Shrines in Bath", "Temples and Shrines in Aquae Sulis", "Aquae Sulis places closed to public"

I'm writing a fantasy story set in the UK in which two characters without any magical ability are attempting to break two characters with magical ability out of a location that relies mostly on magic for its security (and is, therefore, much less secure against non-magical means). The two non-magical characters are incredibly intelligent and resourceful, as well as being in decent health and young (early to mid 30's).

What I need is a place where the magical characters are being held. It has to be in Bath (the justification in the world I'm building is that the properties of the springs enhance the magic of the place), and the closer it is to where the main springs are located, the better. I was hoping that my search would lead me to find either a room in the Roman Baths complex that is closed to the public--or, at least, rarely visited--but I've widened my search to derelict and abandoned buildings in the city.

I've had two hits--Hampton Row and the Longacre buildings--but I've been unable to find much information on either.

So, what I'm really asking is:

1. Are there any closed rooms in the Roman Baths complex that I can take advantage of?

2. If not, how abandoned/derelict are Hampton Row or the Longacre buildings? Are they sufficiently far away from main roads and the majority of the traffic flow?

3. If none of the above seems feasible for the scenario I mentioned, can you suggest alternatives?

This is my first post, so I hope I'm doing this correctly.
Tags: uk (misc), ~architecture

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