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Certification for Teaching in Jewish Day School

Hey folks,

I've been doing some Googling around and getting in touch with people in regards to what would happen if a German-born and educated woman got her Master's degree in teaching before moving to the US to teach. I was in contact with the Goethe Institute, that gave me a general idea of what I needed to do, but also recommended I email the New York department of education to ask for specifics and length of time it would take. It also went on to say that public schools require certification, but some private schools don't. So, before I go that route, I'm going to go into some background under the cut.

Setting: America (300 years in the future approx.)

Background: MC's mother was engaged in Germany but later married in America. After everything with permanent residency has been sorted and there are no longer conditions on her green card, she wants to look for a job. Being an observant Jewish woman, she once taught in a day school that taught both secular and religious studies. My questions are:

1. Forgive me for sounding stupid here, but are day schools under a public or a private sector? I was planning on asking for requirements for certification for both, but I want to be sure I'm asking for the right thing.

2. If anyone can provide me with further information or has been through this experience before I email anyone about fictional scenarios, I'm looking for general requirements for American certification and length of time it would take.

I can hand wave if necessary, but I wanted to establish a general timeline for long things would take.


Are Modern Orthodox Jewish day schools public or private?
American requirements for German teachers public schools
American requirements for German teachers private schools
Emailed Goethe Institute and got what their requirements for teaching are

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