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Foster Care & Child Protection Services in Norway, 1970s/80s

Applicable Setting: Norway, 1970s & 1980s
Search Terms: foster care norway, foster children norway, foster care norway multiple children

Alright, I'm back with more questions for the same back story I've previously posted about.
My story revolves around two "brothers" from Norway (the present tense setting of the story is Canada, but for back story purposes the setting is Norway) who grew up together from age 8 onward, but are not truly brothers. One, Tobias, was adopted by a pair of family friends after his family died in a car accident. These family friends, Aleksandra & Alfred, were unable to have children of their own and decided to be foster parents. Søren (and another character, Kathrine) are two of Aleksandra's & Alfred's foster kids. They never return to their biological parents - once placed in this home they remain their until they're adults.

The family has had as many as 5 foster kids in their care at any given time, though Søren and Kathrine are the only ones who stayed for longer than a year or so. I'm thinking the other kids were each either there in emergency foster care situations, where they temporarily couldn't live with their families or were waiting to be adopted, or were subsequently transferred to another foster home.

Question: I've known several families here in Canada who have taken on foster kids, and I've also known quite a few kids who have been in foster care. I know that, depending on a variety of circumstances and criteria, Canadian foster homes can be allowed to take on multiple foster children at a time, and that this is not necessarily limited to cases of keeping siblings in the foster care system together. I am assuming that other countries would have similar rules. Can anyone confirm for me that this is true in Norway, and/or shed some more light on the foster care system there? Thanks!
Tags: norway (misc), ~adoption, ~custody & social services

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