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University Education in Germany

I'm trying to decide which occupation one of my MC's parents should hold prior to coming to America with her son. For that, I need a general idea of how the German university system works, and what amount of time/degrees would be needed for her to get said jobs. I've found some websites, but they're overblown with complicated language, what to do if you're coming from another country and would like a career in Germany, or are in German, which I don't know. So...

Setting: Futuristic Germany (about 300-ish years from now)

1. What would the general process be if one wanted to become a teacher in Germany? How about a nurse?

2. What degrees/other errata are necessary in those paths? I was reading in the Diplom/Magister, but also read those are being supplanted by Bachelor's/Master's systems in some schools.

3. How long would the process take?

Search terms:

What do you need to be a teacher in Germany?
German diplomas
German degrees
Teaching in Germany
Being a nurse in Germany

Edit: I found a little info here, but want to make sure I'm interpreting it right:

If I'm understanding this right, the nurse goes to school until about 18, takes the EU nursing course for another three years, and then it's another two if she wants to specialize? Is it possible for her to just get secondary education, a Master's, then go to nursing school without specializing? I haven't been able to find much more information and my knowledge of German education is a little shaky yet.

Edit 2: I'm leaning towards teaching simply because there's more information I can readily find on it. I want to be sure my understanding of what MC's mom would need to go through is correct, and throw in one last question for anyone in the know.

So she would go to school until the end of her mandatory education, which I'm gathering would be finished up when she's 17ish, by the looks of the chart Wikipedia is giving me. She would probably end up in a Gymnasium, then go on to get her Master of Teaching, which would take 5 years. Two years after that, after being watched as she teaches, she would finally be able to apply for a job where she could work alone, taking her to the age of about 25 27. I'm thinking of making her a German teacher of some stripe. I'm doing some of this for timeline purposes in my own head. Now I wonder what she would need if she went to take an equivalent position in the US in terms of qualifications, any reeducation needed, etc. Any insight there would be great. :)

Any and all help/points in the right direction are appreciated. :)
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