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Spiritual Meanings/Uses for Plants

I'm trying to find any spiritual meanings attributed to plants (not necessarily flowering ones) that could be found in prairies to make a symbolically significant perfume for a bride to wear to her wedding.

The setting of my story is its own universe, though it has a diverse climate/evironment like Earth. The town the bride is from has a climate/environment much like the Kansas, USA area. As for technologically, they would be similar to approaching-the-Renaissance. The society is socially matriarchal, and their feminine holy medium is potion/medicine making. The things that the woman's perfume represent will set the tone for the whole rest of her marriage, and her potion-maker gets most of her ingredients from the prairies. Animals and insects can be used to, but I don't think they'd be very aromatically pleasing...

I tried searching "spiritual meanings for plants" "prairie plants" (just to get some names of things and then to look up spiritual significance seperately) "spiritual meanings for flowers" (but that mostly turned up stuff about what kind of flowers to get for your honey type of things) "spiritual meanings for prairie plants" "aromatherapy" and "spiritual uses for herbs" (which was the most helpful, but most of the results only focused on things that would help with prophecy/dreams).

I'm just looking for any herbs/plants/etc from prairies that symbolize virtue/luck/etc and, as a bonus, possibly smell good.
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