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US Army officers' Mess dinner

I hope someone can help me with their experience of the scenario. The setting is a Mess dinner in the Officers' Mess in Fort Bragg.

Now, while I have been to numerous British Mess functions, I don't dare to assume that they are the same as US ones (certainly no toast to the Queen with Sherry... ) but the characters are at the dinner, with one being a Mess member, the other being their guest/partner.

This is not something I could find on Google, because what I am looking for is some description of how the evening would go: drinks first while mingling? Sit down dinner with speeches first? Evening entertainment?

Any specific rules Mess members and/or guests have to adhere to? I bet there are just like in Britain, but what are they?

Ladies' dresses who are guests: long evening length to go with partners' Mess dress?

Even if I just got an overview how the evening pans out would be enormously helpful. The rest, well, that's what a writer's imagination is for. ;-)
Tags: usa: military (misc)

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