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Altai Wedding Customs

Context: A Tolkien-verse fanfic, but with several original characters from a canonically fairly undescribed group (the Mithrim Sindar of the First Age prior to the return of the Noldor). I was hoping to include information from real-world cultures which may have led a similar lifestyle (a mountain-based nomadic or semi-nomadic subsistence-style clan culture) for greater depth and some feeling of authenticity.

Question: My research for the above criteria brought up the Altai ethnic group (preferably the Northern subgroups before Russian colonization and mission), and I have a fairly solid overview on shamanism/tengerism/animism to work with, but what my research falls rather short on are customs and traditions concerned with weddings and marriage. I found exogamy as a prevalent form, great awareness of kinships over several generations, incest taboos, but very little on other wedding criteria, customs and traditions. Would political marriages to invaders be permitted, what would a wedding ceremony look like in the first place, what social expectations would be had of wife and husband?

Research: I googled any number of combinations of the following; Altai wedding customs, Altai ethnic wedding, Altai marriage, Altai social customs, Altai family life, Altai ceremonies and similar terms, but mostly seem to hit up Russian dating sides, and while there appear to be a few journal articles on the topic either on Google Scholar or Books, most are inaccessible to me.

It's probably also worth noting that 100% accuracy are not necessary since the information will be fitted into a Tolkien framework (Eru or Manwe instead of Tengri, a Cuiviénen origin myth) and undergo some distortion, but I'd appreciate pointers for additional search terms or sources, or just plain answers. Thank you.
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