aliskye (aliskye) wrote in little_details,

Porkchester Pigs

I've tried everything I can online, searching for the name of the artist/designer for a series of wood figurines entitled "Meet the Porkchesters", a series of pigs in people clothing. The individual pieces are called Peabody Porkchester, Petey Porkchester, Palmer Porkchester, Petunia Porkchester, etc., part of a set of 24 figures. They were made by Danbury Mint (and I've called them and they would not give out any information other to say they aren't licensing the property any more.) Also called the Artist Rights Society in NYC.

I've searched for Porkchesters, Meet the Porkchesters, designer of the Porkchesters, Porkchester pigs, etc.

We'd like to use the figures in a film, but need permission from the copyright holder.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.
Tags: #nocategory

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