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Prison story set in London, late 1930s

Hi, I hoping for some pointers on a story about inmates in a fictionalized version of London's Wandsworth prison.

One character has been convicted of molesting two boys. Was the taboo against sex offenders as severe in the 1930s as now? I have read that nowadays "at risk" prisoners must often be separated from the general population.

Another character I imagine as a murderer. Yet Britain had the death penalty until the 1960s, right? So this character would likely have been executed unless he was judged literally insane (he is not) or successfully defended under the "irresistible impulse" concept, is that correct? The notion that he was so deranged by circumstances, he would have committed murder even with a policeman at his elbow?

Finally, I've heard that as Britain joined WWII, some prisoners were permitted to join the war effort. Can anyone direct me as to the terms? What sort of prisoners were eligible, if their sentences were entirely commuted, etc?

Any advice, links, books to read, etc. would be greatly appreciated!
Tags: 1930-1939, uk: history (misc), ~prison (misc)

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