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Dancing with Jackals

Cultural significance and attitudes regarding the Berlin Victory Column

This isn't actually for a work of fiction I am writing myself, but rather for a video essay ABOUT a work of fiction, Der Himmel uber ueber* Berlin.
*(thanks, lied_ohne_worte, for telling me how to type that correctly without using the umlaut!)

I've googled the statue, of course, and I am fully aware of its origins, who built it and why, all of that technical stuff. My question arises from notes I have seen about what the statue is considered to represent to the common person, as opposed to what it symbolized when it was built. Specifically, I have seen claims that the statue is regarded to some degree as a reminder of Nazi war crimes, being a symbol of German war victories, and is therefor sometimes a controversial object to be featured in fiction.

I also have read that its common nickname is Goldelse, meaning something like "Golden Lizzy." Is that truly something the statue is called, and is that really what that name means?

Basically... I get the feeling this statue has some meaning to Germans or natives of Berlin that I am not able to quite put my finger on because... well... I'm not German. I've never even been to Germany. Are there any Germans here, or people who have travelled to Berlin, who can share anything they know about this statue's importance?

Thank you!

EDIT: My question has been answered. Thanks to everyone who replied for the information AND for the other really neat stuff you all have taught me in these threads. :)

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