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Talk show/Current Affairs TV hosts in the USA (ideally New York) in the 1960s

Hi guys, wondering if someone can help me with this one. I'm writing a story set in 1963 in which the main character is appearing on television to talk about his role as an activist/freedom fighter in the mutant rights movement. I've been trying to find out which show and host would be most appropriate for him to be interviewed on/by on television in that time period.

It needs to be suitable for serious current affairs and a bit of debate. Ideally it would also have a live audience and be in New York, but I'm flexible on these.

I've googled and wiki'd "tv talk show hosts 1960s", "news show hosts 1960s", "tv hosts 1960s", "new york tv hosts 60s" and most permutations of these. I've come up with some TV hosts but not being American it's hard for me to determine which of them is 'serious' enough as opposed to being the presenter on an entertainment show. I know The Tonight Show was running back then but I'm not sure they would have had this kind of guest on. Any help would be much appreciated.
Tags: 1960-1969, usa: history (misc), usa: new york: new york city, ~television

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