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American Stepfather wanting to adopt German stepchild

Hi all,

I recently ran into some issues in regards to the situation presented below, and wanted some general clarification on the overall process an American man would need to undergo to adopt his German-born stepson. Details under cut.

Setting: Futuristic New York

Background: MC's parents were divorced in accordance with their religion and civilly not long after his first birthday. His mother moves a few years later to America, marries an American man, and goes on to get permanent residency in the country through the marriage. Later down the road, her new husband wants to adopt the son from her previous marriage, but his birth father is still in Germany. The birth father has no interest in his son's welfare by this point and is remarried, but I have the feeling he would still need to give up his parental rights. So, my questions are:

1. How would an American court go about obtaining the birth father's declaration that he wants to surrender rights? There wouldn't be a fight here, since he has no interest in being involved with his ex or son. Would he need to come to the American court, or would an affidavit or similar be enough for him to voluntarily terminate his parental involvement?

2. Approximately how long would the process take (under ideal circumstances)?

I'm assuming inspection of the home the stepson is living in with his mother and stepfather would have passed muster if a home study needed to be done, and the boy wants to be adopted by his stepfather since he never really knew his natural father.

Search terms used:

Surrendering parental rights in Germany
Surrendering parental rights in Europe
American stepfather adopting German stepchild

Any resource links in English with basic explanations would be helpful and appreciated. I just need an overview of how the process might go. Thanks, everyone!

Got it! Thanks, guys.
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