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leg Injury in early childhood resulting in permanent limited mobility

Setting: The united states, urban, modern day. DC comics universe.
Situation:  a three year old is in the middle of a circus tent collapse, and gets hit by a downed support pole. This results in injury to one or both legs. Said injury can't be totally fixed, and he grows up with limited mobility. His injuries result in mild/moderate chronic pain. He can stand and walk short to middling distances use of an aid like a forearm crutch, but not unassisted.  For longer distances, and bad days, he uses a wheel chair. Main focus of the fic will be when he's 12 & when he's 16.
I’m thinking he’ll get some sort of greenstick or compound fracture in one of his lower legs, but I’m not sure if that’s actually permanently impairing with modern medicine.

My Questions:

Immediate Injury
1. What sort of leg injury would reasonably result in limited mobility and chronic pain, without doing any other serious damage?
2. What would it look like once it healed? Would there be visible scars, deformation, texture differences?

Assistive technology
1. What sort of crutch/cane would a twelve year old/sixteen year old be using?
2. Would he need a leg brace(s) in addition to a cane?
Treatment and side effects
1. How would the injury affect his growth, especially during puberty?
2. Assuming he only gets minimal physical therapy, what problems is he going to run into?

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ETA: Thanks, everyone. Especially Xenokattz. I have what I need to start writing.
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