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Male Prostitution in Britain during the 5th-6th Centuries

Somewhere around the 5th-6th centuries, Britain where a pagan belief system is still in place (think the time of King Arthur, minus the Christian influence)

A boy (mid-teens) raised as a serf farmer is forced from his village and must find work elsewhere.

What are his chances of finding work in another village? What type of work could it be? I'm thinking that an apprenticeship is unlikely because those would possibly be considered semi-prestigious, be kept in the family, or he would be considered too old.

Specifically I was looking at the possibility of prostitution. How common were male prostitutes at the time in the area? Were there brothels or would they have worked out of an inn? Would there have been a specific term to differentiate them from female prostitutes? Given that I'm wanting there to be a lack of Christian presence, 'sodomite' wouldn't fit.

Also a more general question would be what would the general view on two men being together be?

I've searched pretty much all combinations of prostitution, jobs, occupation, brothels, history, male, homosexuality, England/English, Britain/British, Scotland/Scots/Scottish, Celts/Celtic, pagan religion, druids, Middle Ages, Medieval, Europe, and sodomy. I also went through the tags here. Most of what I've found deals with the Romans and/or the Catholic Church.
Tags: ~middle ages, ~prostitution

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