joe buck rides again (miscellanium) wrote in little_details,
joe buck rides again

Mission Square in Washington state, USA

Setting: Present day, lots of (international) places with the end part set in WA (hopefully)

My problem is this: According to Google Maps, there is not a place called Mission Square in WA. and Mapquest both say there is--but Mapquest has it in the middle of a neighborhood in West Wenatchee. (The pin marker is in the middle of a residential street, even.)
I've tried googling "mission square" with endless permutations of wenatchee, washington state, etc. I've also tried looking at contemporary maps of the state at my university library. (Undergrad living in Virginia, unfortunately, so a research trip is out of the question.)

...Does this place even exist? There must be a reason for the results I've gotten that say there is such a place in Washington...somewhere.

(yes, yes, artistic license would let me just make up a place, but I like using nonfictional settings.)

ETA for those browsing the usa: washington and usa (misc) tags: in the comments there is discussion of the state of washington in general, mainly population and geography, as well as some discussion of pronunciation of various place-names across the united states.
Tags: usa: washington
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