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20/600 vision

I have a character that is a rat, and I want to be accurate about how/what he can see.  I so far know taht they have a large field of vision (less binocular vision), and see a blurry world world with only faint color, ranging from green to ultraviolet.  Their eyesight is estimated at 20/600.  I've found this page with examples:

What I am trying to figure out, and have not been able to find googling (or haven't hit on the right search words to use), is if someone with 20/600 vision can see: 1.  brighter stars 2. the moon. 3. if they would recognise the sun as an object in the sky giving off light- or if th sky would just appear to be diffusely light with no obvious light source. 4. Rainbows

I am doubting stars, even the brightest ones, but very unsure about the rainbows, moon and sun.  I am trying to figure out if any of these would play a part in their myths.

Perhaps someone here has 20/600 vision and can tell me what they can/can't see in the sky?
Tags: ~medicine: ophthalmology & optometry
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