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The Treatment of Removed Teeth

Okay, I have searched forcefully removed teeth, half teeth missing, knocked out teeth treatment and various variations of the words and phrasing, as well as other things I can't remember and I can't find answers to these problems.

Basically, I'm trying to figure out how a man who has had half his teeth pulled out against his will would be treated.

Now, the circumstances... I'm going to put these under a cut, since they might be a little gross and wince inducing.

I don't know how many of these details would affect treatment, but anything that might affect it I've put here.

1.) The subject was a thirty-one year old man at the time of teeth removal.
2.) All the teeth on the left side of the mouth were removed using pliers, with no anesthetic, as a torture method. The teeth on the right side of the mouth were left alone.
3.) He got no treatment of this for three months, since his torturers still had him for that period of time.
4.) During these three months, they also occasionally gave him salt water to drink.
5.) The teeth were not recovered. If they were still in the room when he escaped, he was too insane at the time to think about grabbing them. So there is no chance of replanting them.
6.) He was quickly placed in hospital once found because he was also missing fingernails, had various scars and cuts, was absolutely filthy and malnourished to boot. (It was a miracle he was alive at that point.)

So, how would this be treated? Would they just leave him with half his teeth missing? Also, would the gums possibly be infected after three months of having them torn and bloody and occasionally covered in salt water? And also, how much would the treatment cost him? If he couldn't afford it, would there be a cheaper option he could go with? And how would the treatment option affect him afterwards?

(Why are my questions always concerning injuries?)
Tags: ~dentistry, ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~torture

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