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fractured ribs/punctured lung recovery

I have a character (mid-twenties, male, military) who has fractured three ribs and punctured a lung. He was teated at a hospital and everything is healing normally. The setting is now, England.

Google and Wikipedia helped, but there are some details that I just haven’t been able to nail. My biggest question is about sex, as the character is in a long-term relationship. I Googled things like “fractured ribs + sex” but basically all I found was that it’s a bad idea and would hurt a lot, which I figured. What I need to know is when would sex be feasible? What about doing things besides actual intercourse? He’s dating another guy, so what difference does being on the top or bottom make? The character has a high pain tolerance, but when would, say, a doctor advise him that intercourse would be safe?

As a side-note, I was able to find lots of information on the sorts of things that would cause pain (laughing, coughing, sudden movements, etc) but it was a little vague on the timeframe. I’ve never broken a rib myself, so I don’t know what it feels like. Is there a wide difference from person-to-person as to how long the pain lasts, because a lot of what I found seemed to vary a lot, some people said they felt better after a month and with other people it seemed a lot longer. (Google searches included “fractured ribs treatment”, “fractured ribs recovery”, “pneumothorax”, etc)

Anything, personal experience, actual medical knowledge, whatever would be appreciated!

Tags: ~medicine: injuries: broken bones, ~sex

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