Mab of the Antipodes (mab_browne) wrote in little_details,
Mab of the Antipodes

Rail travel between London and York, early 1840s

My character is arranging the transport of a dead friend in a sealed coffin from his place of death (London) to his home in the north of England for burial. This link implies that it was possible to travel from London to York by rail by 1841 - close enough for my purposes.

I'm presuming that my character would leave from Euston on the London to Birmingham line, and then would change at other points, possibly via the Grand Junction to the Manchester and Liverpool Railway, and then from Manchester to Leeds and then to York.

Allowing for changes, etc, is this journey more likely to have taken two or three days or longer? I assume that either Manchester or Leeds would be likely break points. I'm also assuming that there were no alternative eastern routes rather than the north-west and then north-east journey described here.

Terms searched: various combos of railway, routes, England, history, nineteenth century, 1840, London, Manchester and York.
Tags: 1840-1849, uk: history (misc), ~travel: ground & rail

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