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Religious and Student Visas

Hi all,

Many thanks for previous help, but now I have a question in regards to visas and what type my character might be eligible for.

Background: Futuristic, urban fantasy setting, close to our world in many respects.

Character is an Orthodox Jewish woman with a young (5-6 year old) son. She is living in Germany but wants to go to America and take him with her. I was originally thinking she could use an R-1 visa, but considering those are only for 'ministers and those in a religious vocation/occupation or sometimes students' that's seeming increasingly unlikely since women can't become a rabbi in that denomination (though later she does become a religious adviser/teacher, not a rabbi, at a New York synagogue). At some point, she would be getting her green card, but I need a way for her to get into the country first.


1. What sort of visa could get her into the country until she could apply for a green card if not an R-1?

2. What would the process be for getting said permission?

3. How long would she need to stay in the US to be considered a permanent resident after getting the card?

4. What type of visa would her son need (if any?)

Research terms used:

jewish woman working with r-1 card
getting a green card through synagogue
immigrating to us from germany with an r-1
who qualifies to receive an r-1 visa?

Thanks for any and all help.
Tags: usa: government (misc), ~immigration
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