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travelling from Ohio to NYC and back, present day

Hi! I'm working on a story , and I need to plot a journey from Lima, Ohio to New York City and back. (yes, it's a Glee fanfic, before anyone guesses)

I googled flights between Ohio and NYC, and could only find them leaving/arriving in Columbus, with a rough 1.5 hours with the flight, hopefully including getting through the airport. I also hit google maps, and it seems to be about two hours drive from Lima to Columbus.

Basically, my characters are sneaking away for a day trip, and I need to have them leave in the early morning (I can have them leave as early as 5am, if I need to), and get back in the mid-evening that same day.

question: are there flights available from a city or town closer to Lima? Or even from Lima itself? If so, which town, and how long would it take to get there from Lima?

question: I googled flights from Lima OH to Columbus, and can't seem to find any. Is my google-fu failing me, or can you really only make that leg of the trip by road?

question: finally, Since time is sort of of the essence, here, is there any quicker way of making the trip than I've specified?

Thank you in advance!

EDIT: Hmmm... all interesting information, but I see I should have been more specific about the circumstances of the scenario. A lot of the quite reasonable objections raised here don't actually apply, in this case.

I learned what I needed to, though - so thank you very much, everyone! Greatly appreciated.
Tags: usa: new york: new york city, usa: ohio, ~travel: air travel, ~travel: ground & rail

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