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Life in Medieval Crusader States

I'm writing about the Third Crusade and life in Outremer (Israel etc) for ordinary people in the 1180s (or there abouts) - I understand that when Jerusalem was taken back by the Muslims all Christians were dismissed from the major cities, but what about villages/in the more countryside-ish areas?

I've also read in various books detailing the subject (God's Warriors, etc) that in the countryside before/during the Third Crusade Muslims and Christians seemed to tolerate each other's presence to a certain extent, but for how much? Would they be living in the same communities or would they be more segregated? Would it be realistic to assume followers of the two religions managed to live alongside each other reasonably tolerably?

Have Googled the usual things - 'middle ages muslims and christians living together'/'middle ages muslims and christians communities', and also have quite a few books on the subject of the Kingdom of Jerusalem; but only got entries on how the two sides fought against each other in battle, not about the ordinary lot.
Tags: ~middle ages, ~religion: christianity (misc), ~religion: islam

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