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Blood Loss from Ear Amputation.

Hey there!

The setting is World of Warcraft - so essentially your standard 'medieval' fantasy with very few actual medieval elements to it. Technology and magic can solve a lot of problems, and magical healing does exist. For various reasons, any magic not related directly to healing will not be very accessible to the characters.

So there's a character that managed to run afoul of someone who has since hired several mercenaries to go after him and his friend. The one which will eventually catch up to and corner them has instructions to cut off an ear from each of them. He will likely be using a sharp knife, but no scalpel. The mercenary character is used to cutting parts off of people, so he likely will know where to make a cleaner cut. I don't know yet whether there will be a struggle involved or whether the characters will be restrained in some way, but the ears will likely be removed at the base. By ear I refer only to the outer ear - specifically the pinnae and a bit through the base where the ear attaches to the skull.

I've done some research on how much this might hurt (a lot, it seems), any resulting hearing loss, etc. But what I haven't been able to find is a good description of how much such an injury might bleed. I've tried looking at diagrams of the ear, googling any combination of 'ear', 'bleeding', 'blood loss', 'amputation', 'cutting off', 'pinna', etcetera. Haven't been able to really find any conclusive information aside from the vague mention of ears as vascular tissue.

So my question is - how badly would a traumatic, complete amputation of a human outer ear bleed? Would the blood loss be significant enough to be an immediate problem? Would the characters be able to reasonably walk/stagger off to healers some distance away afterwards?


The second part of my question is speculative, and very secondary to the first question.

The characters in question in the previous scenrio are not humans, but blood elves, which are physically pretty similar to humans with a few very noticeable differences. The most easy to spot being probably their long, elfy ears.

The ears are thicker as well as longer than human ears. However, elves in the game are also capable of moving their ears somewhat. They can press them back, the tips can droop a little bit or stick up according to mood, and they can 'twitch' them, so to speak. I know that the pinna are composed mainly of cartilage, but in order to make the top part of the ear that mobile, would there need to be some muscle tissue in there as well?

Any speculation on how this might impact the amount of bloodflow to the ears (and thereby the amount of blood lost!) would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate any help you can give. And if there's anything I can do to add to the post, I will do so right away. You guys are awesome.

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