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Mortuary jobs? + Mortuary procedures, paperwork

Hey all,

I have a high school kid who I need to get a job in a mortuary. I don't particularly care what job, so long as it puts him inside the building, where he'll have the opportunity to a) get curious and b) observe a lot of things. I'm having a hard time finding out exactly what kind of jobs there ARE at mortuaries--much less what the qualifications for them are. My character should be around seventeen or eighteen, is a math genius, and is fluent in both Spanish and English, but doesn't have any real qualifications beyond that. So, a) would it be possible for him to get hired at all? or would I need to invoke nespotism? (He has a slight connection with the owner's son.) And if I did, what sort of job might he end up doing, and what would it entail? The mortuary is in Arizona, if that helps.

Some secondary questions--most of which I have googled, but surprisingly a lot of this stuff isn't easy to find. 1) Do most mortuaries have crematoriums attached to their actual building, or do they outsource to a different facility? Would they have to, because of the smell?

Would, say, an office worker ever have cause to go to the part of the mortuary where they actually deal with the bodies, or would that be strictly off limits? What are the legal restrictions on who gets to see the bodies?
While I have been able to find a lot of information on the average cost of funerals and coffins, cremation, etc., I have not been able to find out what most of the actual paperwork the mortuary is responsible for filing is. Do they handle the death certificates? What forms would be necessary for a funeral to go forward? (I'm assuming there are many.)

Thanks so much in advance.

Terms googled: mortuary jobs, how do you get a job at a mortuary, mortuary forms, mortuary legal documents, etc.
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