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Visiting inmate in UK prison

Hi, everyone! My google-fu has failed me once again, so I've decided to come ask for help here.

I'm working on a fanfic set in modern-day London - for those who know it, the fandom is BBC's Sherlock.

Remember the baddie from the first episode? Let's pretend he survived the episode - I need to know how long it would take him to go to trial etc.

In my story, the murderer gets arrested and taken off to be charged (the evidence is all there, and he's confessed besides, so there's no question to his guilt). After that, we pretty much ignore his existence for another month or so, when something else pops up that necessitates Sherlock going to speak to him.

Here's what I need help with: I haven't the faintest idea how the legal system works in the UK, in terms of the time-frame etc. It's only been a month, so will the murderer still be cooling his heels in jail, waiting for his trial? Will he already have been sentenced? Will that influence where Sherlock winds up meeting him? (I could use a specific location, so I know if I need to make Sherlock travel, and how much time might be wasted on that.)

The other part to the question is this: how would Sherlock go about arranging this meeting? He comes across some information, and needs to speak to the murderer immediately. I initially thought he'd rush off to Lestrade (the DI involved in the case) and demand to see him... but is Lestrade the person he should be speaking to, or is it someone else? Would he be able to get a face-to-face meeting right off? (I'm talking within the same afternoon here, preferably within an hour or so of his demanding it.) How would the meeting go? - would they be in the same room, or separated, would the murderer be cuffed, would Sherlock be required to surrender anything before entering, what type(s) of ID would he be expected to provide, etc etc - any and all details you want to provide would be greatly appreciated.

Sherlock being Sherlock, I imagine I can bulldoze my way through some of the procedures if necessary (will still need to know what I need to bulldoze through though, to ensure a same-day meeting)... but as far as possible, I'd like to stick to them - if nothing else, for the sheer frustration it'll cause him~

I've googled various combinations of "arrest procedure" and "visiting inmate in prison" with "uk" and "britain" and "england." Even with the "UK" qualifiers, I keep getting sites on American prisons. =P And those sites which address UK practices don't mention how long trials take, so I'm still not sure what my baddie will be doing one month after his initial arrest. I did find this site on what to expect when you're in prison, but it seems targeted at family members who want to visit, etc - certainly not an over-excited consulting detective!

Any help would be much appreciated!

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