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Dutch application for British citizenship?

Hey all,

More questions on the NaNo front and a scenario that will likely need ironing out before I do anything, mostly concerning citizenship.

Background: MC is currently 20 and living with an aunt who originally came to Britain from the Netherlands for university and later went on to get her citizenship. Later on, MC and her parents came over on the basis of her father's job (he works in a TV studio). MC was 8 at the time they made the formal move. Later, MC works as a child model for a few years, but moves on when she starts getting a little older (13-14 or so). I originally have/had her as a roleplaying character, where a lot of the formal citizenship/work things are handwaved for the sake of the game's premise, but when I do my NaNo, I want a better idea of how long application for citizenship takes. I've looked up several sites, but many are asking for formal contact if you have direct questions and I don't think they'd take too kindly to someone asking about fiction. ^^;

My questions are:

1. I know you need to live in the UK for a minimum of 5 years uninterrupted to apply for naturalization. I know there are also work visas, but they seem to only last 6 months at a time. What sort of paperwork would MC's family need to live and work/go to school in the UK without naturalization until they could apply for it?

2. What restrictions would they face (if any) until they could apply for natural status?

3. How long would the applications for work visas/citizenship take to process (generally)?

4. Is it plausible to allow the MC to work as a model before she has naturalized status?

5. What is the exact process for citizenship for people under 18? I'm assuming just because MC's parents get citizenship/the right to work/live in the UK, it doesn't cover their kids (who are 11, 8 and 2 when they get over to the UK if that helps).

I can tweak the above (when MC becomes a model, etc), but I'd prefer to have her family make the move to the UK when she's approximately 8. I tried some of the websites relevant for this information, but they're not making the process or the application waiting times very clear and I'd like a general timeline.

Research terms:

Applying for British citizenship
Dutch applying for British citizenship
Modeling in Britain

Edit 2: Had a few more questions about adjusting to life in a new country, but can't find exactly what I'm looking for:

I've found plenty of info about British adjustment to Dutch life, but am curious about how it works the other way around, so:

1. What linguistic/cultural/social adjustments would an 8-year old Dutch girl, formerly of Amsterdam, need to make to life in London?

2. Which adjustments would take the longest to typically achieve?

I know English is prevalent in Amsterdam, but I've also read Dutch schools don't begin formally teaching English to their children until they're about 10, and some cultural adjustments still need to be made depending on situation. I need a bit more detail here, so thanks in advance to anyone who can provide it.
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