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Non-permanent reprimand/punishment


I'm looking for a way to formally warn a soldier off certain behaviour without making it permanent, ie. it can be removed from their records so they'll still have a chance of advancing through the ranks despite one lapse in good judgement. Like a slap to their wrist that won't hurt their careers permanently. I tried to find anything regarding non-judicial punishments but none of them stated just how permanent they are and how much either of them threaten a soldier's career.

I have a young US Air Force Captain with usually exemplary behaviour who yelled at a US Air Force General in a military base's infirmary for personal reasons. The Captain is the General's daughter's team leader and the General and his daughter have a rather... complicated relationship that usually leads to his daughter having some serious issues with accepting praise and affection from everyone not her father and her team leader's just fed up with it all when the General's daughter ends up half-dead in the infirmary and the only thing her father has for her is something in the direction of "I knew she'd screw up this assignment, too." I think it doesn't happen in public but it'll make the rounds anyway.

In the end, the General talks to the Captain's superiors and simply tells them to handle the situation as they see fit with no intervention from him (I think he might have realized that there was some truth in the Captain's words...) so I want them to be able to give the Captain that slap on the wrist without having to hurt his career permanently. Is there any way I can do this without having to claim writer's licence? I'd be so happy if anyone on here as any idea how to accomplish this because I'd rather stay true to military reality than having to make something up.
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