stickmaker (stickmaker) wrote in little_details,

Help With Yiddish

I have a scene in a story set in my Masks superheros universe, where three of my characters are seeking help from a fourth. This is a "hero of the people" known as Mano Dura. He's Hispanic, and from a low-income area. He harshly criticizes the three, accusing them of being heroes only when it's easy, due to their privileged upbringing, and going for showy, flashy stunts rather than helping the downtrodden, like he does. One of the young woman responds in either Hebrew or Yiddish "You take too much pride in your suffering." She then continues in English "I don't like playing the race card, but I get really pissed off when I hear someone acting like they're the only one who has ever been oppressed!" (Note that she isn't widely known to be Jewish, and has a midwest accent, but is good with languages.)

After considerable searching online - and also looking in a book I have on Jewish folklore - I found: which gave me "Du nemen tsu a sakh shtolts arayn dayn yesurem."

My request is for someone familiar with Yiddish to check whether that actually makes sense, and says approximately what I want.

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