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Questions about a CofE funeral service and cremation

Hi all,

I've never been to a funeral for various reasons, so the only experience I have of seeing them is on TV or in films. I am writing a scene in a funeral, which is held in a C of E church, and would like to know when the coffin is carried into the service, could the guests be in the church already? If not this causes some problems to what I've already written...

Also, if a body is being cremated, what happens after the church service? Is the casket taken away from the church to a crematorium straight away? If so, do the mourners go with it (and would it just be the close friends and family that stay on for that bit)? If anyone has a personal experience of a crematorium that they are willing to share then that would be very helpful, but I understand that it's a sensitive anecdote to ask for. But if anyone has any information on what a mourner might experience at a crematorium, that would also be a big help (not emotional experiences - more whether they would see the casket go into the "oven" (if that's what it's called), what the room's like where they say goodbye to whoever's in the coffin in, whether they would wait for the ashes and then take them away or whether they would go back at a later time - all that stuff).

Thanks for any help.
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