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Vanessa du Frat

Organization of a quarantine zone

I'm having difficulties finding information on the organization of a government quarantine zone. All I get are avast virus quarantine posts and video game stuff... amd im the best case, quarantine documentation for animals imported from a country to another.
I tried googling quarantine zone, quarantine facility, pesthouse, isolation facility.
I tried asking on FB (3200 contacts, I thought one could help ^^) but I'm getting answers which, in my opinion, are nonsense.

So, to make it short, the story is happening in a military facility. A strange woman is found in the woods, seemingly non-human, and there is a strong possibility of a virus (which is then confirmed). This woman is brought in the quarantine facility. But the people who discovered her touched her and need to be quarantined as well.
I seriously doubt they would be put in the same quarantine zone as "patient zero", because it's not sure at all they got contaminated.
I decided to separate my quarantine zone in two : first, an isolation zone, where the people who touched the woman are put until further advice. They don't wear any suit and are free to go and do whatever they want (ok, maybe not light a fire and cook marshmallows) as long as they stay in that zone.
The woman is put in a zone of maximal confinement. The doctors and scientists need to go through the first zone (so, they need to be decontaminated and then wear hazmat suits) to take care of the supposedly contaminated people, and then, they need to go through another set of decontamination sas if they want to go near the woman.
Maximal isolation zone is inside medium-level isolation zone.

I don't know if this is realistic. My question is : surely, the doctors and scientists will be wearing hazmat suits in the first isolation zone, but they would undergo new decontamination and have to wear a fresh hazmat suit to go inside the second (maximal) isolation zone. Am I right here ? That's what I would do if I had to build one, but of course, I'm not an expert...
Somebody on FB suggested that they don't need to change suit, which for me is totally stupid : they would risk contaminating the maximal protection zone by going inside it, and risk contaminating the other isolation zone when they go back to it...

I must say, I'm a bit lost :( Any advice here ? thanks !

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