Kaze-chan (kazeko_sama) wrote in little_details,

Bombs and Magic

Plausibility/other suggestions check needed here.

I want to write an HP story - but it would involve events that took place in 1945 and before (Dumbledore defeating Grindelwold and World War II, more precisely). I want to have some kind of economic crisis come up - it will be what spurs the wizarding community into communications with muggles (wizard Minister to Prime Minister), creates various muggle-related departments in the Ministry for Magic, and kicks off this whole other section of plot (yeah, this is gonna be complicated). But the way I want to do this...

I want to have a bomb fall on Diagon Alley. Gringotts, more specifically. A Nazi bomb from the Luftwaffe strife bombings of London. It would be utterly catastrophic, no matter what cause I chose, and that seemed, for my purposes, the best. But how plausible is it? Do you think the wizards would have strong enough protection spells that the spells could stop a bomb? If communication between the two worlds is so low, would they even know what bombs were? Would they be participating in things like black outs and practice raids? What about part-Muggle or Muggleborns? This is one of those ideas I love - but I have no way of judging whether other people would buy it. If it doesn't work, what else can I use? I need something that will put the wizarding world in a severe crisis, and I can't use a Voldemort-like reign of terror.
Tags: ~explosive & explosions
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