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Partial sight adaptation to life and playing instruments

Hello again,

I'm gathering up information before the (in)famous NaNo hits, and while thinking over my plot, I ran across a part I need some details for...

Setting: Roughly present-day London, fantasy AU with low magic.

Background: MC is a 20-year-old woman who began learning the harp when she was about five. She was decent at it, but didn't practice as much as she should have as she got a bit older. At thirteen, she got into an accident and lost use of her left eye. The right eye has perfect vision. After spending some time relearning to orient herself due to the difference in depth-perception and using a cane for new areas and as a means of identification in public areas, she started taking up the harp playing again a few years later. I'm still trying to decide what type of harp she should be working with.


1. How would she adapt to having one sighted eye? What types of difficulties (besides hitting into things at times) would she encounter? What new things would she need to learn? Most of the reading I've done suggests she'd likely do very well, but I want to detail some of her adjustment period. Personal anecdotes, whether posts or links to other places, would be helpful here.

2. When she starts relearning the harp, what adaptations would need to be made to the harp/the sheet music to make it easier on her?

3. What sort of harp would be easiest for her to work with?

I've done some research but most of the search terms have been returning results for people with no vision. This link is somewhat of a helpful start, but I need more information if possible.

Search terms

Adjusting to having partial sight
Relearning the harp with partial sight
Learning the harp blind

Thanks in advance for any help!

Edit 2: Got all the answers I need in terms of her carrying a cane (or in this case, not). My issue is, I have both a roleplaying version of the character and will have a NaNo version--I'm simply going to make it so her NaNo version doesn't and never had a cane, but since I'm idiot who misunderstood things and her character is already fairly well-established in the RP, I can't add conditions/illnesses to her without mod approval there (and they can be hard to get hold of), so now I need a way for her to ditch the cane and probably say her family pushed it on her to have rather than her needing it, since they are overprotective. I might just have her 'forget' it someplace. Maybe to that end I could sneak in her having a condition that cleared up as she got older so she needed the cane when she was younger, but not so much now?

I don't need any further info on the cane stuff now, but still need info on the harp and some way to explain away her now not needing the cane. Thanks!
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