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mrwubbles (aka Yuma)

The Name of the Game (or Con)

Hello. I'm a little stumped. I am touching up a Big Bang novel and I realized I may have used the incorrect terminology for two things. Here's the scenarios:

Scenario 1: A con was set up to scam VICTIM A & B to really target VICTIM A, but then frame VICTIM B for the crime.

Scenario 2: DECOY A was rumored to be in LOCATION 1, but in reality, is really safely tucked away in LOCATION 2.

I thought it was a classic 'Bait n Switch' but I suspect I'm wrong for both of them.

I tried on Google, my online library and Brittanica Online the following terms:
classic cons
classic scams
bait and switch
classic hustles

WARNING: with these terms, I got a lot of Cosmo like blogs on 'how to tell your lover is lying to you'.

Um...wrong genre? LOL.


Dear Mods: I think I tagged it correctly, but in case I'm wrong...(kowtows to the floor, all the way to China) Apologies in advance!!!
Tags: ~scams

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