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Coronation of a queen consort?

Hey guys. I'm writing a Narnia crossover in which a character marries a Narnian king and I want to include a scene after the wedding of her coronation, but I can't seem to find much information about that type of ceremony. I've mostly looked for information regarding the British monarchy, since I figure that's what Narnia's is primarily based on, but the stuff I've found just says it's a "simpler version" of a king's/queen regnant's coronation, but without giving much in the way of specifics. Especially as regards the wording of the ceremony.

I'm going to probably modify anything I find, but I at least want some sort of template to work off. *g*

I've searched under "coronation," "queen consort," "coronation of queen consort," and even "transcript coronation king george vi". What information I did find was from Wikipedia, the official website of the British Royal Family, and "Every Woman's Encyclopaedia."

Thanks in advance!

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