mighty aphrodite (nsaphrodite) wrote in little_details,
mighty aphrodite

Tearing during anal sex

I read through all posts with possibly helpful tags and still came up short.

My question is about the tearing during anal sex.  What I've gathered thus far is there can be bleeding during first time anal sex.

Does the bleeding stem from a torn rectum or anus? 

In the situation I'm writing, it's consensual, however it's very rough for the receiving partner. 

Will he be bleeding alot? If not, in what situation can he bleed alot?

Also, because the anus heals quickly, will there always be bleeding? If not, in what situation can he continue to tear and bleed?

For instance, if he's allowed to recover fully then have anal sex, will he bleed still? Or will his body adapts and anal sex will become easier with no tearing or bleeding involved.

Any info is much appreciated. Thanks.
Tags: ~sex, ~sexual abuse & assault

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