Shovels (nightshadehoney) wrote in little_details,

Innocuous illness mistaken for terminal

Setting: United States, circa 1995

Male character in his mid-forties is hospitalized showing symptoms for what doctors think is a terminal illness; it later turns out to be something curable/easily-treatable. Basically, I need an illness that a doctor could believably misidentify as a much more serious condition, and fit into the plot as well.

-The misdiagnosis has to be something that gradually progresses. Ideally, he would have at least a year or so to live. Alternatively, I could use a condition that is non-fatal, but is disfiguring or severely debilitating.

-The character would have to be hospitalized while all this happens, somewhere between a week and a couple of months. Either an observation stay after coming in with the symptoms or an unrelated injury that ends up revealing a problem (x-ray revealing a tumor etc.) could work.

I tried searching various permutations of "misdiagnosis," "terminal," and various fatal illnesses I could think of, but only really find cases of the reverse scenario.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses to order

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