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Already checked: Wikipedia;; CDC

I'm writing a fanfic in which my character is exposed to
smallpox--present day. He busts a lab where people are working on
(illegal) bioweapons. Now, in the past, my character was vaccinnated
against smallpox, but that was over a decade ago. Google tells me that,
while he likely still has some protection, he could still develop the
disease, as he would be overdue for a booster.

(In the interest of disclosure, the character is Nightwing. I'm working
with: Batman being Batman, he would have seen to it that everyone on his
team had the vaccine as a precaution, even though routine innoculation
had already stopped by the 80s-90s. However, Nightwing neglected to get
boosters after he moved out and struck out on his own. Also, I don't
actually mean for him to contract the disease--just go through a bit of
pure hell and h/c while he waits to see if he's okay.)

1. My villain stole/arranged for others to steal a sample of the disease
from one of the two labs where they're being kept. How can she expose
Nightwing to it? Injection? Ventilation system? Some other method?

2. I know that the incubation period is 7-17 days. During that time,
would any tests be able to detect the presence of the disease? If the answer is yes, 1) how long does it take from the time that the test is administered until the time the results are in? 2) Are there any other conditions that could cause a false positive?

3. At what point would doctors be able to declare 'it looks like between
your earlier vaccination, and the one we just gave you when we found out
you'd been exposed, you've managed to avoid it. Congratulations. You're

4. The Mayo clinic site tells me that in the early stages, flu-like symptoms can be expected. Would there be a test that could determine whether it's actually smallpox at this stage? How long would it normally take to get the results?

Thanks in advance!

ETA: Just bought Demon in the Freezer today! Thanks for the tip!
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