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Tokens by families of dead British soldiers in WWI

So, this one of those things that tons of googling cannot turn up. Lots of info on WWI the war, but not much on the homefront.

Does anyone know if the families of British soldiers killed during WWI used any sort of token to represent the death of the soldier? I'm thinking something like the service stars used by American families during WWI & WWII.

I'm using this for a Sherlock Holmes fanfic where Watson is a woman the two are married. The man I need some sort of remembrance for is their adopted son/son-in-law. I already have a photo of him in uniform on the mantle with a lock of his hair framed with it in the story. I just wanted something very definite to show that he died in the war. It's for the epilogue, so it doesn't need to be too detailed.

"She looks now at the clock on the mantle. Beside this clock stands a photograph of a young man in the uniform of the Great War, the first world war. His hair is parted precisely on the left side, and he looks very grand in the picture, if a little self-important with such an immaculately maintained mustache. Trapped between the glass and mat of the frame is a little curl of dark hair tied up with some red thread. It is quite shocking, the red, against the pale ivory of the mat and the muted grays of the photograph, but there it is, bold and bright and alive through all that glass."

Please, critique the writing if you want to. I'd love it if someone did.

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