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Procedure for detaining a terrorism suspect in Hawaii

Time Period: present day
Situation: in my story, the police know that a suspected terrorist will be arriving in Hawaii at Honolulu International Airport. They don't have any evidence of this person's terrorist activities outside of "reliable sources" claiming the suspect intends to set off a nuclear weapon at a Hawaiian monument.
Question: What's the procedure for detaining a suspected terrorist when he arrives in the country? Who has jurisdiction? Can the local police handle it? Where is the suspect detained? Does he have any rights? (especially if a foreign national) Can he hire an attorney? Most especially, because it will affect the plot quite a bit: how long can the authorities detain this suspect if there is no evidence of his supposed terrorist activities?

I've searched on Google, of course, under "how long can the US government hold a terrorist suspect in Hawaii" and this was my best answer: http://terrorism.about.com/od/counterterrorism/tp/Terrorist-Suspects-Detention-.01.htm (basically, it says in the US it depends on the State's laws; what I can't find is anything specific to Hawaii).

I've also searched on Wikipedia, on About.com, on the TSA site, and on the US Homeland Security site. The Travel.State.gov site told me that: If foreign nationals in the United States are arrested or detained, they must be told that they may have their country’s embassy or consulate notified, and officials from the embassy or consulate must be allowed access to them upon request. And the State Department manual describes how to contact those embassies, and which countries have *mandatory* notification requirements (whether the person wants them contacted or not; other countries are at the person's discretion).

None of these sources gave me the information I needed, however. Any ideas?
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), usa: hawaii, ~terrorism

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