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[ANON POST] When an American speaks broken Russian, what does it sound like to Russian ears?

I have a sci-fi story in which a Russian boy, who has had no exposure to any other language, time travels a short way into the future. He's found by a group of English-speaking soldiers.

One of the soldiers, an American, has been studying Russian for about 2 years. Because of this he gets tasked with babysitting/translating for the boy, but he is NOT fluent. This American knows enough Russian that he can communicate the very basic gist of what he needs to say, but his vocabulary is poor and his grammar/pronunciation are riddled with errors.

I'm not aiming to replicate this American character's accent in another language with 100%, word-for-word accuracy. Mainly, I want to get a flavor of what he would sound like to the Russian child's ears.

I've read through the Russian language tag here. I've also Googled "Americans speaking Russian", "common errors in Russian," "mistakes to avoid in Russian," and other things. I've gotten a lot of results claiming Americans sound "soft" when speaking Russian, which is useful, but I haven't had much luck getting a sense of common grammatical errors or weird sentence structures Americans might be more likely to use. A lot of those results end up in Cyrillic, which I can't read (sorry).

Thank you for any help you can give!
Tags: ~languages: russian

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